3 Tips For Having A More Interesting Twitter Account

Hey! Some of you may know me as the guy who posts Marketing Monday. I’ve read a lot material on marketing since I love it a lot, but I’ve never given writing my own marketing advice a try. But, now’s a good time to change that! I’ll be talking about 3 tips to have a better Twitter account. In theory, most of this advice should work for other social media sites too, but I’ll be talking about Twitter because it’s the site I know best.

Be Human

If there’s one thing all of us have in common is that we’re human, so we should use it to our advantage. Some people tend to try and sound professional, and while it’s not bad in itself, it usually leads to being kinda boring to follow… Being a tad less serious doesn’t make you any less respectable, and it makes you much more fun to follow. If you really want to keep your game’s account serious it might be a good idea to create a personal account if you don’t have one already. If you do get a personal account though, don’t use it just to talk only about your game! It gets stale after a while.
I should probably define what I mean by “being human”. A great deal of it has to do with the small things. Having a problem with some part of the game’s code? Tweet about it. Enjoying the work you’re currently doing? Tweet about it. Have a cold and working slow because of that? Tweet about it. Through tweets like these, you turn from “some guy who’s making a game” to an actual human being with emotions and all that stuff. Guess which one is more fun to follow? The important thing to remember is to make sure you keep things interesting with details. “Dang, having problems with the piece of code I’m working on.” is way less captivating than “Dang, making the character jump from one car to another is harder to code that what I expected.”

Be Frequent

This one should be a no-brainer for most, but it might be good to look into it. Basically, if you’re just posting when you have something big to post about your game, you’re doing it wrong. It’s hard to care for a game you don’t know much about if you only hear about it once or twice a week. And that’s if you hear about it, because it’s very easy for people to miss your stuff if you only tweet about it a few times. Twitter is a lot about quantity, so you need to be frequent if you want your game to be noticed.
The question is then, how can I be more frequent? One way is by using the tip from before. Talking about your experience while making the game gives you a lot more to talk about than what you’d normally have. Another thing that can help is setting daily goals, like posting one screenshot a day, or always tweeting at the end of the day about how much work you got done that day. Something else you can do, which is helpful in more ways than one, is what I’ll talk about in the next tip.

Interact with your followers

This tip is arguably the most important one. One important thing to remember is that followers are not the same as fans. There are some people who be constantly cleaning up their following list to make sure they’re just following people they find interesting, but in most case people just hit that follow button without much comitmment. That’s how you end up with people who have thousands of followers (and probably are following thousands), but don’t get much attention whenever they post something. That’s the difference between a follower and a fan. A follower is simply a person who sees what you post. A fan who someone who actually cares about what you post.
The good news though is that if you have a follower, you can turn them into a fan. Part of that is simply having an interesting account but something that is also very powerful is interacting with your followers. An easy way to do it is to simply ask for their opinion. Which character design is better? Do you like this gameplay mechanic? “Participating” in the game’s creation is a way to get attached to the game. But besides that, you can get even more casual and ask things like “Good morning, how are you doing today?”, “What games have you been playing?” (most) People like talking about themselves, and by listening to them you’ll also be generating attachment.

So, that’s all. I hope it helps! If you have any question be sure to ask me.

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