I’m going on an indefinite hiatus

Yep, I’m going on hiatus. Yep, I don’t know for how long it will last. So you get an idea of why I’m doing this, let’s start by looking where I was before I reached the decision to go on hiatus.

I was developing what I called the “Narrative Project“, a visual novel about memory changing. To be exact, I started working on the “imaginary slice“, basically a fleshed out but still short prototype.

That was March 15th.

Now, it’s April 25th, and I have advanced like… 5%?

I won’t bore you with justifications or explanations (partly because they aren’t that interesting either), but essentially, I don’t have much time. It’s not like I have no time at all, though. It’s just that it’s too little if I want to do gamedev as I used to. Remember that I said I wanted to make short 3 month projects? If I were to make projects with a similar scope now, they would take 15 months.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on gamedev. It just means that I can’t keep on doing things as I used to do them before. How will I do things now, then? I… can’t really promise anything yet. Things are still unpredictable, so I rather not make any decisions yet. But, I will make one eventually.

I’m really sorry to anyone who was looking forward to what I was currently developing. But, there’s one thing I can promise: even if I’m not doing something directly related to it, I will be making my best effort for the sake of doing gamedev.

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