Ludum Dare liveblog!

August, Saturday 22nd


After a nice night of sleep, it’s time to get started! I already have a general idea in my head, and I like it a lot so far. Basically though, the theme is “You are the monster”, but instead of making a game where you literally play as a monster, I want to make something that makes you feel like a “monster” (as in, a terrible human being). Let’s see how it works out!

PS: I’ll be taking this really relaxed, just wanna do this for fun. In-person game jams are for getting stressed :p


You know, I was waiting until the game had more substantial progress to show it, but I realized that if I waited for substantial progress, I wouldn’t show the game until it was done :p So, here a screenshot of my current progress:



Whew, this first was more tiring that I thought it’d be. And I’m more behind that I expected I would be… But it has been fun so far. I’ve managed to build a solid base, but I have yet to make it a proper game. Let’s hope things go faster tomorrow! For now, here’s a GIF of what I have so far.

August, Sunday 23rd


Thus starts the second day… Now it’s time to actually make this into a game. It’ll be tight, but I hope to make it for the deadline. If anything though, I’ll probably be aiming for something less ambitious my next LD :P My current idea isn’t that enormous either, but I’d like to have more time to polish.


So I added the main mechanic and bam, my game is actually already pretty playable and fun. I dunno whether I should work on adding more depth or just focus on polishing for the rest of the day. I think I’ll go with depth, though. Let’s just hope I don’t regret it…



I think I basically got the main gameplay programming done, now it’s time to actually add some objectives, sounds, and menu stuff. But first up, gotta finish building the level… (GIF)



It’s done!!!
Whew… My first Ludum Dare was quite the experience. I was planning to just “relax and have fun” but man, things can feel intense once you really get into it. It’s definitely satisfying though. It’s not polished in the slightest, but Mr. Mine is quite fun and deep compared to what I expected I’d manage to do, and I hope people will enjoy it.


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