On Dreams and Reality… and NaNoReNo

It’s been a while since the last update, huh? I apologize, as I was traveling during February. I have done a lot of work on Dreams and Reality though, so let’s start by showing you that! Here’s a video showing off gameplay and music composed by the talented Ian Wallace:

Like it? I’ve been working on the game a lot… so much that I actually don’t have anything else to do currently. The game is functionally complete, and can be played from start to end. What it’s missing is the music and SFX which Ian is working on, but that still has a while to go. The delay is my fault though, not Ian’s. I’ve been working on the game for 6~ months, but I only started working with him a couple of months ago. The extra time means a better game, so I hope you think the wait is worth it!

What am I going to do in meantime? Well, resurrect an old project… the “Narrative Project”. Those of you who have read my old blog posts may remember, but the “Narrative Project” was meant to be a short-ish visual novel to test my skills for writing a story. The theme of the story was “memory changing”, a concept that was so interesting I still want to write about it now. And, right on time, it’s March! In other words, it’s time for NaNoReNo.

NaNoReNo the equivalent of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for visual novels. The challenge is to make a visual novel in a month, but there aren’t really any restrictions besides that. March is going to be a busy month for me though, so instead of getting too ambitious and failing, I’ll try something small: my goal is to make a kind of demo/prototype that shows my ideas for aspects such as the art style, the plot, setting, characters, etc, but without delving too deep in them. Based on the feedback I get on this demo, I’ll refine the game and work on a full release. Maybe even with a team…

Hope you look forward to it! I can’t promise there’ll be much updates (or if I’ll even succeed), but be ready for… something!

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