So what’s next?

After a couple of busy months, I’ve started to settle in my new routine, and thus should have more free time. More free time means more time for gamedev, but I’ve been wondering lately exactly what I should be aiming for now. I finally took the time to sit down and decide what’s my plan for the near future, and this is what I got:

  1. Finish writing the visual novel: I tried to make a visual novel demo in a month, but I failed majestically… I still want to do it, but not now. To close things properly though, I will at least finish writing the script (which is currently 80% done).
  2. Finally release Dreams and Reality: Ian is finishing up the audio work, so it’s time to cross the final stretch and actually release the game. This will take time though, so I don’t expect it to come out before July. Hah… It’s funny how a “3 month game” will end up being released about a year after I started it.
  3. Personal Investigation: There’s a lot to be learned by just doing, but there are sometimes when you just have to sit down, investigate, and study to finally learn. I’ll be telling you more as I actually get into it, but it’s all relevant to gamedev.
  4. And… back to the visual novel: I did say I wanted to do it! It’ll take a while, but I should be back to working on it before the year ends. I have no idea how far I’ll want to take it, but for now, I’m sure I want to at least make a demo.

As usual, I’ll be keeping you up to date through here, so I hope you look forward to it!

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