“compatibility”… fail

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry to say that I failed at my 3rd weekly game for “Us.” :/ To be honest, I still had some slim hopes of finishing it today or tomorrow, but in the end I decided it would be best to leave it. What happened? Well, two things mainly:

  • I had a couple of other important obligations for the week, and I ambitiously thought that I would have time to fulfill these and make a game.
  • The game idea I chose to do (compatibility) turned out to be much more complex than I anticipated.

I did start on the game, but really, if I didn’t stop it now it would have eaten into the time of this week’s game, which wasn’t ideal either. I doesn’t mean I have given up on the idea though! I think it’s a pretty good concept, so I’ll get around to in in February. Now though it’s time for the 4th game… directions.

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