I’m alive!

So… I’ve been kinda absent over the past few months. Sorry ’bout that. But thankfully I’m not dead! Just busy with other aspects of life. I did make a couple of games though that I haven’t shared here, and since I got some more time now,  a couple of interesting plans for the near future.


If you’ve been following my twitter, you might have seen that I made two games: meeting and an insignificant speckBoth of there were experiments in a similar vein as “Us.”, simple games that looked to experiment with meaning and mechanics using the theme of human relations. The two games are basically about crashing into people, but the messages are pretty different. an insignificant speck is definitely is more polished, but I think meeting managed to convey it’s idea through mechanics much more clearly.

I hope to continue experimenting in this direction in the future but for now… my creative juices are kinda dry. I want to create, but my energy for coming up with new and experimental things has… kinda depleted (yup, life has been kinda tiring). So what do I want to do about it?

First off, I want to relax a bit to try to recharge my creativity. That means watching documentaries, playing new games (and maybe replaying old favorites), reading interesting books, etc. Beside that though, I wanna use this moment to read tutorials and just learn, something I’ve kinda missed due to my focus on just making.

After that, it’s time for the good old gamedev staple: game jams! One that caught my eye was the Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam. Love the series, and I hope the entries will be interesting too.  In addition that, the other one that caught my eye was Remake Jam, a jam about remaking “your first game with your new skills and aesthetics.” Besides sounding like fun, I really like the idea of seeing (and hopefully getting inspired by) how much I’ve progressed. One problem though… the jam was in June. But, since I couldn’t participate then, I’ll make a game now, even if it isn’t part of the jam officially.


Which game am I going to remake? I’m going to kinda cheat and ignore the games I made as a kid to remake Ruins of Time, my first “serious” game. Not really sure yet how I want to change it, but I still think the idea sounds fun and I’m looking forward to coming up with a fresh take.

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