Starting a new project! “A Light in The Dark”

Just as the title says! I’m going to keep the main devlog on TIGSource since it’s a bit more exciting to post it where you feel like people will see it, but I’ll be making posts here too whenever there’s something significant to show. For now though, here’s an excerpt from my first post there explaing what the project is about:

“Have been getting busy lately as the academic season begins to ramp up, but I decided I needed to set aside some time for a simple but interesting side project to keep me sane. So far… I don’t have anything to show, just a vague idea… But I’m creating this topic in hopes that having something up will give me the kick I need to get working and not set aside the idea.

What’s the idea then? I want to make a top down exploration game inspired by the sensation I’ve gotten with games like Knytt Underground, endeavor, and An Untitled Story. This means a large world you’re plopped into without much direction on where to go, a light metroidvania-like feel as you get skills that allow you to progress further, and a strong focus on an enveloping and inmersive ambience.
The twist though? I want to make a world eternally enveloped in darkness, where light is a resource you have to manage to continue exploring and reaching new areas. I haven’t defined it mechanically yet, but I want to recreate the feeling I used to get when I was new to Minecraft and night fell, or when I explore the caves and nights of 2D MMORPGs like Tibia.

Will this work out? Who knows! But I’ll be sharing the results here.”

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