GameDev Camp


Role: Organizer


  • Talked with university authorities to get permission to use computer labs and to host an activity for high school students
  • Planed and designed introductory game development classes
  • Handled the logistics and budget for food and other materials


  • Trello
  • G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides)


GameDev Camp was a week long introductory game development course for high school students. The classes covered a variety of topic such as game design, audio, programming, and art, and mixed hands-on digital assignments with pen and paper activities. The week finalized with a game jam based on the theme “bounce”, in which over 20 students created 5 games.

It was our first time as a club organizing an event focused solely on school-age students so we were a bit worried, but the kids were great and we had lots of fun!