Ka Hoki Te Manu

2017 – 2018

Role: Gameplay Programmer/Producer


  • Programed different states of the character (in-air, underwater) and basic enemy AI
  • Planned and assigned tasks for the five different team members working on the project
  • Designed a schedule for a tentative full release of the game


  • Construct 2
  • Trello
  • Google Drive


Ka Hoki Te Manu (“Return Of The Birds” in Rapanui) is a scientific educational game about the challenges faced by the birds who inhabit Easter Island and its surroundings. It takes place in a fantasy world where a race of miniature bird riders have sworn to protect the birds against their multiple predators. Take your bow, mount a bird and face the evil rats!

Ka Hoki Te Manu was originally developed in a weekend for the LA.PCERA hackathon in 2017. It won the grand 1000USD prize, and was further developed to be shown at different science fairs such as “Ciencia al Parque” and “Congreso Futuro”.