2020 – 2021

Role: Programmer/Producer


  • Construct 3 (Prototyping)
  • Unity
  • Codecks
  • G Suite (Docs, Slides, Sheet)


  • Program game’s main systems, such as movement, dialogue and quest scripting
  • Coordinate team, plan milestones, keep track of progress in different tasks and hire contractors
  • Handled pitching and signing the game with a publisher
  • Coordinate participation in different virtual events such as LudoNarraCon, The Big Adventure Event and Wholesome Direct


Teacup is a wholesome narrative exploration game developed by Smarto Club and published by Whitethorn Games about a frog who really likes to drink tea and must explore a forest full of colorful characters to find tea leaves for her upcoming tea party. Teacup was released in late 2021 on Steam, Nintendo Swtich, Playstation 4 and Xbox, and later during 2022 on iOS and Android.

Teacup was not only our first game as a studio, but also our first experience developing a commercial indie game. It was challenging (especially since I was still a full-time university student!), but thanks to smart planning and a minimal scope we managed to create a game we’re proud of and that players enjoyed.