Dreams and Reality Presskit


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Developed by: Alce (art, design, programming) and Ian Wallace (music and SFX)

Release Date: 6th of July 2016

Platforms: Web

Price: Free! Play it here.


Dreams and Reality is a hand drawn artsy platformer where you play as a little guy after his aspirations. To grasp them you will have to “dream”, thus creating cloud-like platforms that you can jump on to reach places that are unreachable otherwise.

Development Story

Dreams and Reality was born out of my desire to make something short, simple and personal after failing to develop a more ambitious game. I expected to take at most 3-4 months working in my free time, but the reality turned out to be different; Dreams and Reality took about 10 months of development, making it almost a year since I started working on it.

Why such a big difference? Well, I realized my problem only thanks to making this game: I’m a perfectionist.  But if anything, this perfectionism helped make a game I’m pretty satisfied with, and I hope people will enjoy.


  • Hand drawn pencil and charcoal art
  • Solo piano soundtrack
  • Friendly and relaxing platforming
  • Short and concise, approximately 15 minutes to beat
  • Free!


Download these and more in a .zip! (945kb)

Gameplay GIFs

Download these and more in a .zip! (19.3mb)


Dreams and Reality Trailer

Download the trailer here! (Right-click, “Save Video As…”)


Coming to Bandcamp soon!