Sky’s Isles Presskit

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Developed by: AlceX

Release Date: 30th June 2014

Platforms: Windows – Web

Price: Free! Play or download here.


Sky’s Isles is a hand drawn, watercolor 2D adventure platformer shooter in a world composed of floating little islands. You play as a little person in search of others like him. At your disposal, you’ll have your trusty bow, and a hot air balloon to fly between isles. Gameplay is a seamless mix between platforming sections, composed of careful but exciting jumping and shooting,  and hot air balloon flights through a beautiful world in the sky.


This game was made in a month for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, organized by RPG Maker and Humble. The idea behind Sky’s Isles was to make a 2D platforming game that took the exploration aspects of games like Wind Waker: a big world composed of many levels (islands), separated by a space that’s mostly empty (the sea in WW, the sky in Sky’s Isles) and traversed in a simple but charming way (talking boat, hot air balloon).  It was a fun (and intense) month, and I’m proud of the final result. The last few days definitely left a few scars (particularly when there was a blackout just as I was trying to upload my game… half an hour before the deadline shudders), but I learnt a lot from the experience.


  • Careful but exciting 2D platforming and shooting
  • A beautiful world to explore composed of floating isles in the sky
  • Hand drawn, watercolor art
  • 4 challenging but forgiving islands to beat and master
  • Short and concise, beatable in approximately 45 minutes
  • Made in just a month!
  • Free!


Sky's Isles - Hot Air Balloon FlightSky's Isles -  Stormy Night Jump               Sky's Isles - ConversationSky's Isles - Ground Battle


Official Trailer


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