I’m back! (for now)

Hey! It’s been a while, hasn’t it…but I have good news: my hiatus is over, at least for now.

Before I get into what game I’m going to do now, I will explain my current situation. I tend to shy away from talking about my personal life, but I honestly feel uncomfortable keeping all you guys in the dark when in the end, all of this is relevant to my actions as a game developer. The following section is going to be a tad personal, so if you rather go read about the game-related stuff, skip this part.

Why I went on hiatus and what I did during this time

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Hiatus has ended!

I’m glad to announce that my year’s end hiatus has ended! Still have some stuff to look into, but I’m mostly free to work on Life’s Impetus now. Next weekend I’ll be posting my 2014 postmortem (which probably won’t be that positive…) and after that I’ll return to the usual devblog/blogpost schedule.

Well, there’s not much more to say than that… Time to get to work!