Alce Analyses: Brothers and All-Stars

Welcome to a new edition of Alce Analyzes (been a while, hasn’t it?), where I analyze stuff stuff I feel like analyzing.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore fan, I really enjoy Super Smash Bros. And, I also really like Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. I honestly wish it had caught on, but I suppose there are people more qualified than me to explain you what makes SSB so much better than PSABR.  Nevertheless, I want to compare these two. However, instead of focusing on the intrinsic details of each game, I’ll look at their overall structure; and, how about I compare it to a football match?

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Me and Festigame 2014

So, just like last year, I visited Festigame, Chile’s biggest game festival. It was awesome! These people definitely know how to organize an event, and they get better each year. For the 2013 blog post I just narrated some of the highlights, but this time I’m going to be doing an overview of my whole visit.

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