Ludum Dare #35 Liveblog!

Friday 15th April


It has begun! Well, it actually started an hour and a half ago, but I’m starting the liveblog  now. The theme for this year is shapeshifting. I just finished the first brainstorming session with my partner and we both agreed that we should take a less obvious approach than simply having a shapeshifting character.

The question we asked ourselves was what else we could shapeshift… and we reached the conclusion that we want to make a game about shapeshifting the ambient! What does that mean though? Well, I’ll tell you more as the idea takes shape. (pun not intended, really)

For now though, to bed so I can start early tomorrow!

Saturday 16th April


After a productive morning, the main mechanic is slowly coming together:



Well… after a sudden burst of inspiration, we’ve decided to start from zero. Why, you ask? It’s a very simple reason actually… we saw this GIF:


Will it work out? I have no idea… but am I excited? Definitely!


Today’s work finally reaches a close… Did I manage to advance on the new idea? Well yeah! Here’s what I got. Let’s hope I mange to take it even further tomorrow!


 Sunday 17th April


And we’re back in the game!

To be honest I got pretty hard by unmotivation in the morning… my companion got hit by sickness and a blackout, so he’s basically out. Was wondering whether to continue or not, but after a while of laying in bed doing nothing, I managed to shake the feeling off and keep on going. I wanna finish something, even if it’s not much of a thing!


I might be overdoing it…




Thus starts the final stretch! Next time I post an update, I hope it’s the finished game!



And it’s done! It came out pretty simple and rough, but it was fun to make. Check it out here!

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